Completely Custom Orthotic Solutions

We’re very proud to be 100% custom made orthotic laboratory. Each orthotic is fabricated from a positive model of the cast of scan that is sent to us.

In April, 1999, SBI Orthotic Lab became the first orthotic laboratory in Canada to be awarded accreditation by the Board for Accreditation of Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories (BAPFOL). The accreditation process tests technical competency in interpreting orthotic prescriptions and manufacturing orthotic appliances, and developing and maintaining a quality control manual.

The lab is also a proud member of the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association (PFOLA), whose mandate is to promote custom prescription foot orthoses as a treatment modality through information, education, accreditation, research and advocacy.

Our lab and processes were created and are monitored through consultation with a licensed chiropodist. We engage on a daily basis with our customers – footcare specialists, like you.   The chiropodists, pedorthists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, RNs, MDs, clinic owners and administrators we interact with on a daily basis provide us with the inspiration and insight to refine our processes and products in a truly collaborative way.

Accredited facility Foot Orthotic Lab