Why should I pay for custom made foot orthoses (insoles) when I can by them ready-made at the drug store?

Custom made foot orthoses are made specifically for an individual based on the unique medical and biomechanical requirements of the person. The ready-made insoles that are found at many different stores are made to fit everyone and are sized according to shoe size. They do not take into consideration the different foot shapes and anatomy, but are made to try and fit everyone. In some cases the ready-made insoles work well and serve an important purpose. For many people however, the unique issues that are creating problems can only be solved by a pair of custom made foot orthoses. If you have foot or leg problems, see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Then, schedule an appointment with us and we can assess your individual needs and make a recommendation that is right for you – sometimes that recommendation includes ready-made insoles or sometimes custom made foot orthoses but sometimes no intervention at all!

Do foot orthoses (insoles) hurt when you first use them?

No. The foot orthoses should not create new pain or aggravate existing pain. There is always a break-in, or transition period for anything that one puts on their body to restrain movement. However, there should be NO PAIN associated with this transition period. Rather only an unfamiliar or perhaps for some, uncomfortable new feeling to get used to. The mind is an amazing tool and helps us to quickly adapt to new things, this transition period should only last for a few days. If you feel any increased or new pain, or if you have any concerns or questions, you should contact your Certified Orthotist for an appointment. If the orthoses do cause pain – DO NOT WEAR THEM.

What’s your turn-around time?

On average 10 business days in-house for customers current on payment.

How high do I need to cast?

We require 1 ½’’ above the finished brace height

 Do I need to supply my own components?

No, we will order them for you if you request

Can I write or call to discuss the work order?

Our online order form includes a “Special Instructions” section for additional notes. We are happy to discuss specific orders with you, but please recognize this will delay fabrication by a day minimum. We suggest calling after placing the order to speed the process.