Our orthotics come with a guarantee

The custom – made orthotic devices that have just been dispensed to you were precisely fabricated from several materials according to your doctor’s prescription, instructions and the casts or impressions of your feet that were sent to the laboratory. These devices are GUARNTEED by SBI Orthotic Laboratory as follows:

•For life against breakage, cracking or splitting of the basic shell (body) of the orthotic devices.

•For six months against defects in materials or workmanship and avulsion (separation) or flattening of posts



Top covers, extensions, additions and modifications are guaranteed only against defects in materials or workmanship for six (6) months. They are expected to wear out from time to time even with normal use of the orthotic devices. Prolongation of the life of these components depends on the amount of use and type of care they receive.

This guarantee is rendered null and void if the orthotic devices have been subjected to unusual or abusive treatment, gross alteration, or to alterations made by anyone else other than SBI Orthotics Laboratory.

Claims made under this agreement must be presented to the Laboratory by the attending practitioner and must be accompanied by the orthotic device(s) plus a note of explanation from the attending practitioner within the 30 days from the occurrence of the damage. Any damaged orthotic devices that are sent directly to the Laboratory by the patient will be returned without repair.

This guarantee does not apply to satisfaction with or achievement of the desired therapeutic results. Although personnel of the Laboratory are occasionally asked for information or recommendations by prescribing practitioners, the suggestions that they may offer for the practitioner’s consideration are meant only to provide awareness of options that may facilitate the practitioner’s management of care. Accordingly, this guarantee in no way offers an implied or expressed acceptance of responsibility for therapeutic results or patient tolerance of the orthotics.