Learn how to install your orthotic for a great fit

Now that you have received your orthotics, you need to learn how to fit them into your footwear. Your qualified practitioner can advise you on how the orthotic prescribed fits do your different footwear options. They can also explain how different lacing techniques ensure the best fit for your particular foot anatomy and foot health issues.

orthotic insoles

Fitting instructions for your orthotics

  • Place the heel edge of the insert against the heel edge of the shoe.
  • Remove all existing arches from shoe that may interfere with the proper positioning of the orthotics. This can be done by removing then trimming the shoe’s insole with scissors, removing the arch and or lip at heel area. Re-insert the insole after you have trimmed it flat. The orthotic should fit in the shoe level and all the way to the back of the heel counters of the shoe without obstruction from the insole. Replacing original insole with flat cushion insoles are also acceptable. Our orthotics may be worn in heels, western boots and other fashionable footwear by placing the orthotics next to the skin then putting hosiery or socks over the foot and orthotic at the same time. This also helps to prevent slippage and keeps the orthotics in the proper position.
  • It is best to BREAK IN ORTHOTICS with a new pair of shoes that have NOT been broken down or stretched out. Proper fitting footwear is essential for the orthotic to work correctly.
  • You should begin by wearing the inserts gradually, building up your wearing time daily until you can wear them comfortably all day. If necessary, you may want to treat the orthotic break in period like a new exercise program. Start yourself on a graduated schedule, wearing the orthotics an hour on and an hour off, then 2 hours on and 1 hour off, 4 hours on, 1 hour off, etc.
  • It is normal to feel the orthotics slightly more or different in one foot than the other for the first few weeks. These orthotics also have unique properties where you will feel different pressure points and may require additional break in time in these areas even if you have already worn orthotics.
  • The feeling of walking on a roll of nickels may last as long as 2 weeks. The longer you have been walking on imbalanced feet the more pressure you may feel.
  • While wearing the orthotics, if you experience any pain that causes you concern STOP wearing and contact the office. An adjustment may be needed.