Learn the proper technique to wear and care for your orthotics

The biomechanical foot orthotics you have just received are designed and manufactured for your individual foot care needs. With the help of these orthotics your feet can begin to operate in a more natural and efficient manner. Because the orthotic interacts with your bone structure, forcing feet and legs into proper alignment, take care when first wearing your orthotics.

It takes time to correct damage that has evolved over many years so be patient and wear your orthotics consistently. For feet to perform as they were meant to, it is well worth the effort.

orthotic insoles

Wearing instructions for your orthotics

• Regardless of how comfortable your orthotics may feel, do not wear them for more than one (1) hour on the first day, not more than two (2) on the second day, three (3) on the third day and so forth.

• If your orthotics really bother you before you reach the maximum wearing time for the day, take them out of your shoes. On the next day, resume wearing your orthotics, but only for as long as you wore them on the previous day.

• From this point, increase wearing time by 15-30 minutes a day instead of one (1) hour and – ONLY IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE.

•Your doctor will probably appoint you for an orthotic check-up visit in 2-4 weeks which is when most patients are wearing their orthotics comfortably most of the day.

•Do not be alarmed if you develop some mild achiness or transient discomfort in your knees, hips or back.

• Remember, your feet form the foundation of your body, and as they are becoming more properly aligned, so is the rest of your body. Inform your doctor, and reduce the amount of wearing time. When comfortable you many once again slowly increase your wearing time.

• After your foot orthotics are dispensed, it is possible that they may need some adjustments, refitting or additions. This is generally done after about one to three months have elapsed as your feet are starting to realign and function better. The laboratory will work closely with your doctor to achieve the best results for you.

Caring for your orthotics

• The shoes you wear can play an important role in maximizing the therapeutic value of your orthotics. Therefore your doctor will advise you about your footwear. However, it is generally best to wear shoes that have as deep of a heel seat as possible for better control and reduced heel slippage. The occasional “squeaking” caused by desirable subtle orthotic movements in the shoes can be minimized or eliminated by applying soap or wax to the edges of your orthotics or by dusting baby powder into your shoes before you insert your orthotics, or both.

•To clean your orthotics, soak them in warm, soapy water and air dry. DO NOT expose orthotics to extreme heat.