Why you need custom orthotics

Custom orthotics prescribed by a qualified practitioner provide an exact fit to your unique foot. Only a registered practitioner can properly assess your feet, gait, capture a 3D cast of your feet and write a prescription with precise accommodations to address specific foot problems you might have. By making adjustments for foot deformities, injuries and improving your gait with a custom orthotic, you’ll feel better from the ground up.

orthotic insole

Not just for athletes

Runners and athletes have special needs and custom orthotics are a common part of their equipment. However orthotics provide an even greater impact on the health of wellness of non-athletes in everyday living. Correcting an imbalance in your feet can change your posture and affect your entire body. Custom orthotics can also help provide comfort and corrections for people suffering from problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, hammer toe, heel spurs, and chronic heel, knee or low back pain.

For patients at risk to prevent complications

For people with diabetes or arthritis, properly prescribed custom orthotics can be a vital part of promoting great footcare and reducing the potential for complications. The unique challenges or footcare in these populations can be addressed by using the latest in modern materials to assure great comfort and fit.

Growing feet

With childhood obesity on the rise, today’s children and youth need to embrace sports and active living more than ever. Consult with your Chiropodist to see how custom orthotics can improve your child’s enjoyment and performance in everything from outdoor play, to gym class and competitive sports. Only a custom orthotic will provide growing feet the best comfort and support.

Need a qualified practitioner?

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